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What is clinical myotherapy?


 As a Clinical Myotherapist you can expect a thorough clinical assessment, followed by a treatment consisting of specific hands-on manual therapy techniques, therapeutic exercise, and education to reduce pain, restore function and help patients  meet their goals. I am skilled in the use of dry needling, deep tissue massage and the application of strength and conditioning principles for effective and safe rehabilitation plans.

Clinical Myotherapist


I have been working in the health and fitness industry as a personal trainer, strength and conditioning coach and a Clinical Myotherapist for a total of 11 years.  These areas have always been a passion of mine and have been nurtured with ongoing industry experience and regular furthered education to improve on my knowledge and expertise.  Playing several sports consistently from a young age, I experienced a wide variety of injuries and became fascinated at the bodies innate ability to heal when put in the right environment and nurtured by the right people.



Through out my time working in the health and fitness industry I have found that what I do as a practitioner is only one important piece of the puzzle.  Often there are many modalities that can benefit someones physical dysfunction and pain.  I have recognised these needs and developed ongoing relationships with many other professionals/practitioners in allied and complimentary roles. I will often refer to these practitioners when I feel there is something to gain from an interdisciplinary approach to a persons presenting condition.

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